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Columbia Personal Injury Lawyer > Columbia Bus Accident Lawyer

Columbia Bus Accident Lawyer

Buses are probably the safest mode of transportation, but when they crash, dozens of people can end up in the back of ambulances. These cases are also somewhat complicated because it isn’t apparent who caused the accident. Please call The Stanley Law Group as soon as your medical condition is stabilized and you get a chance to use the phone. Our law firm can represent you in a personal injury case. South Carolina law gives you the legal right to seek compensation from whoever is at fault for your bus accident. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a Columbia bus accident lawyer.

Who Is Usually to Blame for My Bus Accident?

Columbia has many buses, including shuttle buses, charter buses, school buses, and those operated by the government. In a crash, the following are usually to blame:

  • A negligent bus driver. Your driver could be driving in a hurry, tailgating, or refusing to yield as required by law. Some bus drivers are also tired from long shifts and could nod off, while others are distracted by cell phones or passengers. A bus driver is legally at fault when they drive negligently.
  • A negligent motorist on the road. Some buses crash because another vehicle struck them or cut them off. The bus driver might also swerve to avoid an accident and end up sliding off the road. This other driver is to blame when they are careless.
  • The bus manufacturer. A bus could have defective parts, which malfunction and lead directly to a crash. The manufacturer is to blame.
  • A bus mechanic. Like other vehicles, buses need regular maintenance. The mechanic who worked on the bus could fail to fix it properly or completely overlook a problem, like a rusted axle.

Our firm can represent bus passengers who suffer serious, traumatic injuries. We can also represent any motorist struck by a bus. Call us. We like to begin investigations as soon as possible. Some critical evidence includes the vehicles involved, as well as witness statements. The good thing about a bus accident is there are usually dozens of witnesses.

Our firm has sought fair compensation in settlement negotiations. Depending on the facts, you might receive money for property damage, medical bills, pain, emotional distress, and lost income.

If you were injured on the COMET, then you might need to sue the government. That is very complex in South Carolina. Research a lawyer’s experience with the state’s Tort Claims Act before hiring. You typically need to jump through different hoops to obtain a settlement when the government is to blame.

Free Consultations to Those Who Call

Our firm has distinguished itself in many areas of personal injury, including bus accidents. We can negotiate with a private insurer or the government for a generous settlement for your pain. Give us a call if you have questions or reach out online. A Columbia bus accident lawyer can meet with you at a convenient time to discuss your accident, injuries, and out of pocket expenses.

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