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Columbia Real Estate Lawyer

Experienced South Carolina Real Estate Attorneys

When the rights to your property are in question, you need the advice of an experienced Columbia real estate lawyer to help protect your investment. South Carolina law requires that an attorney be present at all commercial and residential real estate closings. At the Stanley Law Group, we understand the intricate details involved in the buying and selling of commercial and residential real estate. We are committed to protecting the interests of our clients and minimizing the risk of future property disputes. Whether it is the sale of property, the refinancing of a mortgage or the preparation of a deed to the property, the Stanley Law Group is here to help.

Real Estate Sales and Acquisitions

Our team of highly-rated real estate attorneys can assist developers, entrepreneurs, owners and other entities in all of their legal transactions in and around Columbia. At the Stanley Law Group, we have experience assisting individuals in the acquiring, developing, financing and disposing of real estate in South Carolina. We can also help our clients resolve disputes involving real estate transactions, such as foreclosures and contract or construction disputesCommercial Building

Development and Construction Agreements in Columbia

Written legal agreements require the help of well-versed lawyers. At The Stanley Law Group, we have years of experience drafting development and construction agreements to help our clients avoid litigation and keep projects on time, and most importantly, on budget. Ultimately, our goal in contract work is to mitigate risk for our South Carolina clients. With our extensive experience with contracts and agreements, we can quickly determine the nature of the risks involved and properly allocate risk to minimize our client’s potential exposure. We can also negotiate contracts and draft, review, and revise agreements.

Real Estate Litigation

When you purchase a piece of property, it’s important that you have real estate title insurance in Columbia, SC. There may come a time when you may need to utilize this coverage. If an individual or entity is turning to you with a claim that they have a right to the property that you have purchased, or that money is owed before they can remove their right to the property that you have purchased in South Carolina, then you may need a real estate litigation attorney as soon as possible. Our real estate attorneys have experience with zoning and boundary disputes, as well as closing transactions on both residential and commercial properties.

Schedule a Highly-Rated Legal Consultation in Columbia, SC

Whether you need help with sales or acquisitions, development and construction agreements, or real estate litigations, the real estate lawyers at The Stanley Law Group can help. To schedule a professional consultation, call our Columbia, South Carolina office at (803) 799-4700 today.

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