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Monthly Archives: August 2022


Do Speed Limiters Make Big Trucks Safer?

By The Stanley Law Group |

No matter what kind of vehicle you are driving, excessive speed increases your chances of losing control of the vehicle and crashing.  It also gives you less time to get out of the way to avoid a crash caused by another driver’s mistake.  Driving at a moderate speed is not, by itself, enough to… Read More »

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Beware Of The Swoop And Squat Scam

By The Stanley Law Group |

You are an honest person, so why are you reading a blog post about auto insurance fraud?  Auto insurance fraud affects honest people’s insurance claims in several ways.  First, in order to protect themselves from financial losses, insurance companies are on high alert against fraudulent claims, to the point that they treat you like… Read More »

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Can You Sue For Premises Liability If You Signed A Waiver?

By The Stanley Law Group |

A little bit of danger can be a lot of fun.  Most South Carolina tourists agree with this statement, as evidenced by the popularity of extreme sports like skydiving, bungee jumping, zip lining in South Carolina tourist destinations, to say nothing of canoeing in waters where alligators could be nearby.  Recreational facilities must follow… Read More »

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