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Monthly Archives: June 2022


Greenville County Man Gets Prison Sentence For DUI Crash That Killed Four Seniors

By The Stanley Law Group |

In South Carolina and most other states, the blood alcohol content (BAC) at which a person is considered legally drunk is 0.08 percent.  You sometimes read in the news about people getting arrested for DUI or causing an accident when their BAC is twice the legal limit or even more.  The definition of driving… Read More »

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Back Seat Passengers In South Carolina Need Seat Belts, Too

By The Stanley Law Group |

Many adults remember the road trips they took as children.  Perhaps, when you were a kid, you sprawled out in the backseat of your parents’ car somewhere in northern Mississippi and woke up once you had reached the familiar streets of your hometown in South Carolina.  Maybe you and your siblings played a modified… Read More »

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Car Accidents Involving Wet Roads

By The Stanley Law Group |

Some people like to stay home and listen to the rain fall outside their windows, while others prefer to put on their boots, grab an umbrella, and go for a walk in the rain.  Hardly anyone likes to drive in rainy conditions.  Approximately one of out every five car accidents occurs in adverse weather… Read More »

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Personal Injury Lawyer Red Flags

By The Stanley Law Group |

If your injuries resulting from a car accident have left you with medical bills that exceed your insurance policy limit, filing a personal injury lawsuit is an option.  Given the statute of limitations, you should begin contacting personal injury lawyers promptly, but you should not make a hasty decision about which lawyer to hire. … Read More »

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Court Awards $4.6 Million To Family After Child Suffers Accidental Needle Stick Injury In Target Parking Lot

By The Stanley Law Group |

An accidental needle stick injury occurs in a split second, but it can have long-term effects on your physical health and emotional wellbeing.  The danger of a needle stick injury is that it can expose you to bloodborne pathogens, possibly infecting you with diseases that are less contagious, but in some cases more severe,… Read More »

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How To Avoid Alligator Attacks During Gator Breeding Season

By The Stanley Law Group |

What could be cuter than a river full of baby alligators, each about the length of a sheet of loose-leaf paper, flashing their toothy grins in the South Carolina sunshine?  They show up around the same time each year, in the early fall.  Everyone with a modicum of wilderness survival skills knows not to… Read More »

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When It Comes To DUI Collisions In South Carolina, Columbia Ranks Somewhere In The Middle

By The Stanley Law Group |

Even though South Carolina is one of the less populous states in the U.S., it often ranks in the top ten states with the highest rate of drunk driving accidents.  Even though traffic fatalities have declined in recent decades as cars have gotten safer and local and state governments have enforced laws against some… Read More »

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Driver Faces Felony DUI Charges After Accident That Killed Grandmother And First Grader

By The Stanley Law Group |

Emma’s Law requires most South Carolina drivers who are convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) to install ignition interlock devices on their cars, so that the car will not operate until its sensors are sure that the driver is sober.  The law has been in effect since 2014, and it was… Read More »

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