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Monthly Archives: May 2022


Taylors Woman Faces Charges For DUI Resulting In Death

By The Stanley Law Group |

Drunk driving is always a crime under South Carolina law, even when the driver does not cause an accident, but the penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI) vary according to the damage that the driver caused by driving drunk.  The worst-case scenario is DUI resulting in death, when the… Read More »

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Two Killed And Three Injured In Orangeburg Collision

By The Stanley Law Group |

Most people who drive in traffic at dangerously high speeds do not do it for fun and excitement.  For people who enjoy the thrill of hurtling through space in a speeding vehicle, there are race tracks, amusement parks, and off-road vehicle areas.  Distracted driving can lead to unsafe speeds, but distracted drivers usually realize… Read More »

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Family Sues Bar Where Driver Got Drunk Before Fatal DUI Crash

By The Stanley Law Group |

In most car accidents involving drunk driving, the fault belongs to the person who drove after consuming alcohol.  Occasionally, though, the bar or restaurant that served alcohol to the driver after they became too drunk to drive could also bear legal responsibility for the accident.  The laws that provide for this kind of liability… Read More »

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Teen Dies After Fall From Amusement Park Ride

By The Stanley Law Group |

There are a few daredevils out there in the world who drive in excess of 100 miles per hour, jump from tall structures, and intentionally get close to alligators and other predatory animals, but most of us refrain from such activities under ordinary circumstances because they are just too dangerous.  Amusement park thrill rides… Read More »

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Tips For Staying Safe During Myrtle Beach Bike Week

By The Stanley Law Group |

Myrtle Beach Bike Week begins on May 13 this year, and the countdown has already begun.  IN less than eight weeks, the Grand Strand will be filled with the roar of motorcycle engines as local bikers meet up with visitors from out of town to enjoy the two things in life they love most,… Read More »

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What’s The Deal With Blinding Headlights?

By The Stanley Law Group |

In a tweet that belongs in the grumpy car journalism hall of fame, journalist Jack Crosbie lamented the presence of “military grade halogen retina destroyers” on recent models of SUVs.  He went on to compare SUV headlights to lighthouses and the “9/11 memorial spotlights.”  Crosbie is not alone in his unease about the brightness… Read More »

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