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Monthly Archives: January 2022


Georgetown County Man Receives Prison Sentence For DUI Resulting In Death After Crash That Killed Toddler And Grandpa

By The Stanley Law Group |

Local governments across South Carolina are ramping up efforts to prevent drunk driving, but all the catchy slogans and increased police presence can only do so much.  The maximum penalty for causing a fatal DUI collision is 25 years in prison, but tough penalties for DUI cannot repair the damage already caused by drunk… Read More »

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Pickens Man Charged With Felony DUI After Collision That Killed Motorcyclist

By The Stanley Law Group |

When a rear-end collision involves two cars, the driver of the front vehicle is at greater risk of injury than the driver of the rear vehicle, but it is still possible for both of them to avoid serious injury.  If there are not many other cars nearby, and the rear car was not going… Read More »

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Spartanburg Woman Sues Myrtle Beach Hotel Where She Suffered Bed Bug Bites

By The Stanley Law Group |

Guests reserve hotel rooms with the expectation that the hotel will be free from preventable hazards such as falling ceiling tiles, contaminated bath water, slippery floors, and unsupervised swimming pools that children can easily access.  In fact, if a guest at a hotel gets injured because of dangerous conditions that the hotel management failed… Read More »

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State Legislator Introduces Bill To Lower South Carolina’s Drinking Age To 18

By The Stanley Law Group |

South Carolina’s drinking age has been 21 since 1984, so a whole generation has grown up with the idea that your 21st birthday is the first time when you could legally buy alcoholic beverages.  Showing your ID in a bar or liquor store when you have just turned 21 has become a rite of… Read More »

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Lexington County Court Awards $10 Million To Woman Who Lost Leg After Stepping On Nail At Walmart

By The Stanley Law Group |

When you read news reports about the amounts that courts award in personal injury cases, you might wonder why someone would need millions of dollars after suffering a serious injury caused by someone else’s negligence.  Medical bills are expensive, but do they cost millions?  The medical expenses related to a permanent injury can certainly… Read More »

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Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Against Michelin Results In Ruling In Favor Of Tire Company

By The Stanley Law Group |

Even in a single-vehicle accident, if someone else’s negligence caused the accident, you have the right to seek damages from them for your medical bills and other accident-related losses.  It is safe to ride a motorcycle, and usually possible to avoid accidents, if you follow the traffic laws, use caution, and wear a motorcycle… Read More »

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