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Monthly Archives: September 2021


Family Files Medical Malpractice Lawsuit After Woman Drowns While Being Transported To Psychiatric Hospital

By The Stanley Law Group |

When a patient is involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital, it is because doctors have decided that the patient would be a danger to himself or others if allowed to leave the hospital before his condition stabilizes.  South Carolina case law is full of medical malpractice lawsuits where families allege that releasing the patient,… Read More »

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Clemson Employee Faces Civil Lawsuit From Widower Of Woman He Struck With His Car As She Crossed The Street On Foot

By The Stanley Law Group |

The stories of couples married for 50 years or more are heartwarming, but they always have a sad ending.  The audiences of The Notebook, Up, or any other movie in which a couple stay together for the rest of their lives are always sad to see them leave this world, together or separately.  There… Read More »

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How Do South Carolina’s Motorcycle Safety Laws Stack Up?

By The Stanley Law Group |

Last summer, everyone was stuck at home as the Southern states experienced their first surge of COVID-19 cases.  This summer, with travel restrictions relaxed and businesses allowed to operate at or near full capacity, travelers are making up for lost time and trying to pack two years of summer fun into one summer.  South… Read More »

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Double Refusals, Temporary Alcohol Restricted Licenses, And More Complexities Of South Carolina’s DUI Laws

By The Stanley Law Group |

It is obvious that drunk driving is a big problem in South Carolina.  Despite its relatively small size, South Carolina consistently ranks among the top ten states in number of DUI accidents, and last year, 285 people throughout the state died in alcohol-related collisions.  Proponents of stricter DUI laws say that one of the… Read More »

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Car Accident Statistics: The Good, The Bad, And The Nerdy

By The Stanley Law Group |

When you see the bills from your hospital stay after a car accident, it can make you feel like you are alone in the world, especially if your injuries are severe enough that you still have not been able to go back to work.  Car accidents are a leading cause of injuries, and most… Read More »

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