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Monthly Archives: June 2021


Greenville Man Gets 20-Year Reckless Homicide Sentence After Accident That Killed Four Children

By The Stanley Law Group |

The traffic collisions that someone caused intentionally are so rare that, when someone crashes a car on purpose, it is all over the news.  Meanwhile, there are hundreds of people involved in accidents that lead to serious injuries and fatalities in South Carolina every year, and these are accidents that the drivers considered at… Read More »

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The Pedestrian Death Rate Has Nearly Increased by Half in the Past Ten Years

By The Stanley Law Group |

Throughout 2020, people in South Carolina and elsewhere stayed home and anxiously watched the news as reports of more and more deaths from COVID-19 dominated the headlines.  Meanwhile, another danger was lurking, claiming more lives than it had the previous year, and nearly one and a half times as many as it had a… Read More »

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One Driver Dies After Multi-Vehicle Crash on I-26

By The Stanley Law Group |

Car accidents can happen anywhere, but truck accidents are more likely to happen on interstate highways and other major roads without traffic lights.  This is because, during any given trip, trucks spend most of the time on these kinds of roads.  When they do pull off of the road, it is usually at rest… Read More »

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Box Truck Causes Fatal Collision on I-20

By The Stanley Law Group |

If you have ever gone on a road trip or even commuted to work on the interstate, you know that feeling of fear when an 18-wheeler truck is nearby.  Even if there is not much traffic, you will not feel safe until you are a good distance away from the nearest truck.  Trucks are… Read More »

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