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Monthly Archives: May 2021


DUI Arrests in South Carolina Decreased During the Pandemic

By The Stanley Law Group |

In 2020, many activities previously considered harmless took on a reputation as gambling with one’s life.  Going to the gym used to be good for your health, and so did socializing, especially for elderly people.  During the pandemic, people found themselves stuck at home, lonely and stressed, with nothing to do but pass the… Read More »

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South Carolina Woman Files Lawsuit After Husband Receives Lung Transplant From Donor With Mismatched Blood Type

By The Stanley Law Group |

The ability to transplant organs has revolutionized medicine.  Because of donated organs, many people have survived illnesses that previously had a 100 percent fatality rate.  Organ transplants are never simple, though.  Even in the best of circumstances, living with a transplanted organ involves life-changing side effects from the medications that prevent the recipient’s body… Read More »

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