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Monthly Archives: November 2020


Driver Faces Reckless Homicide Charges for Summerville Crash That Killed Three

By The Stanley Law Group |

The mental image that most people outside the legal profession have of the court system is of the criminal court. In criminal trials, there is a jury, and the decision is a choice between “guilty” and “not guilty.” The evidence must indicate the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. If the jury finds the… Read More »

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Richland County Veteran Loses Leg in Motorcycle Crash with Drunk Driver

By The Stanley Law Group |

Most of us do not have Everette Scott’s optimism. Many people regard the anniversaries of traumatic events with dread, but Scott has taken it as a reason to celebrate the fact that he is still alive. He is thankful to have survived the accident on September 22, 2019, which led to the amputation of… Read More »

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How Effective Is Emma’s Law at Preventing DUI Car Accidents?

By The Stanley Law Group |

Whenever you see a law with a person’s first name in its title, it means that somewhere there is a family that will miss their child for the rest of their lives, even as the law protects other children from suffering a similar fate to theirs. For example, the Amber alert is named after… Read More »

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Florence County Man Dies in Collision with Car Occupied by Four Men Fleeing from Law Enforcement

By The Stanley Law Group |

High-speed police chases have formed the climactic scenes of plenty of action movies; the flashing lights and noisy sirens are plenty interesting to watch on a screen from the safety of your home. When a car speeds past you, followed by the sound of police cars approaching, it is much scarier. The danger is… Read More »

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South Carolina Has One of the Highest Rates of Drunk Driving Accidents in the United States

By The Stanley Law Group |

If you are looking for beautiful scenic views and delicious food, South Carolina is one of the best places you can go. From mountains to beaches and from beaches to barbecue, South Carolina is a feast for your senses. If your aim is to feel confident that the drivers with whom you share the… Read More »

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Spinal Cord Injury and South Carolina Car Accidents

By The Stanley Law Group |

Most people take the normal functioning of their spinal cords for granted, but without it, life would be vastly different. If you can walk, click on your phone screen, or use the toilet, you have your spinal cord to thank. Your spinal cord is responsible for the functioning of every internal and external part… Read More »

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