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Monthly Archives: October 2020


Concussions: Another Reason to Go to the Emergency Room Immediately After a Car Accident

By The Stanley Law Group |

Especially if you have never had one, concussions don’t seem so scary. You probably know someone who suffered a concussion, perhaps while playing sports or falling off of a bike. A concussion is a traumatic injury where you hit your head. Sometimes you lose consciousness briefly when the injury happens, but not always. It… Read More »

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Will Driverless Vehicles Make the Roads Safer or More Dangerous?

By The Stanley Law Group |

Some technologies have done wonders to make the experience of driving safer and more comfortable. You might not think of seat belts and airbags as technology when you are used to smartphones and GPS navigation, but there was a time when cars did not have these technologies, and in those days, the chances of… Read More »

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Family of Pedestrian Struck by Car on I-95 Files Premises Liability Lawsuit Against Orangeburg County, Alleging Negligent Response to Victim’s Mental Health Crisis

By The Stanley Law Group |

Car accidents in which a car strikes a pedestrian usually do not end well for the pedestrian, and many of these accidents are preventable. Sometimes it is simply a case of a drunk or reckless driver, but other times there is something the city or county could have done to prevent the accident. Some… Read More »

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Victim’s Family Sues Driver of Pickup Truck Involved in Fatal Shelter Cove Crash

By The Stanley Law Group |

Nervous drivers regard left turns onto major roads with trepidation. Sometimes there is no break in the traffic flow when there is an obvious chance to turn, and eventually you have to summon the courage to turn and just hope that the other drivers slow down for you. Many accidents happen when a car… Read More »

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Clarendon County Pedestrian Dies After Being Struck by Car

By The Stanley Law Group |

In the first two thirds of 2020, 578 people have died in traffic accidents in South Carolina. Ninety of the victims were pedestrians, which means that approximately one out of every six people killed in car accidents was not driving or riding in a car at the time of the crash. The human body… Read More »

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Eight Things to Do After a Car Accident and Two Things Not to Do

By The Stanley Law Group |

Of all the people who contact car accident lawyers after getting injured in a car accident, only a small fraction of them will go to trial. In most cases, it is possible to resolve your financial disputes after a car accident without going to trial. How favorable of an outcome the lawyer can get… Read More »

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Orangeburg County Family Gets Settlement After Child Dies in Car Accident on Way Home from Wedding

By The Stanley Law Group |

By all accounts, Kavontea Shuler’s death was preventable. He died in a car accident at age seven; the family friend who was driving the car was at fault for the accident. First responders arrived at the scene of the accident promptly, but medical professionals did not approach his case with the urgency it deserved,… Read More »

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New Technology Could Prevent Drunk Driving Accidents by Enabling Cars to Refuse to Let Drunk People Drive Them

By The Stanley Law Group |

Today, all 50 states have laws against drunk driving, which almost every state, including South Carolina, defines as a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 percent. Drunk driving laws are one of the main reasons that traffic fatalities declined sharply in the 1980s and have never gone back to where they were before these… Read More »

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