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Monthly Archives: August 2020


The Stanley Law Group Represents Family of Victim Hit by Drunk Driver in Dram Shop (Alcohol Liability) Case

By The Stanley Law Group |

You probably know about the dangers of drunk driving, but chances are, this is the first time you are hearing the expression “dram shop.” Dram shop is an old-fashioned term for a place that sells alcohol to be consumed on the premises, in other words, a bar, nightclub, or restaurant with a liquor license. … Read More »

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Family Wins Lawsuit After Car Accident Shortens Life of Child with Leukemia

By The Stanley Law Group |

It is emotionally traumatic to be in a car accident, but it is even more traumatic if your child is in the car with you. Now imagine how it would feel to get in a car accident if you were driving your child home from a doctor’s appointment for cancer treatment. This year, a… Read More »

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Driver Found Not Guilty in Charleston County Street Racing Crash That Devastated Two Families

By The Stanley Law Group |

Street racing looks exhilarating in the movies, but in real life, its results can be devastating. The faster a car is moving, the easier it is to lose control of the car, and the more serious the damage will be if the car collides with another vehicle or any other object. If you are… Read More »

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Can a Car Accident Be the Rental Car Company’s Fault?

By The Stanley Law Group |

Determining who is at fault for a car accident isn’t just about picking sides and deciding who wins and who loses. It involves examining the many factors that led to the accident. Was there ambiguity about how the flow of traffic should go? Was the road slippery, and if so, could the city or… Read More »

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The Car Accident Claim Settlement Process

By The Stanley Law Group |

Many people are clueless as to how the settlement process works when they hire a Columbia car accident lawyer after being injured in a crash. Here is a general breakdown of the process: File a police report at the accident scene. Notify your insurance company of the accident. This is also called filing a… Read More »

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Attorney Mark Stanley Recognized in Columbia Business Monthly as a Legal Elite

By The Stanley Law Group |

After practicing law in Orlando, Mark B. Stanley joined The Stanley Law Group in 2016 to work alongside his father, H. Ronald Stanley, as lead personal injury attorney. He has taken on serious and catastrophic injury cases, making him a top player in the Columbia market and statewide. The firm was founded in 1990… Read More »

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Hundreds of Thousands of Cars Currently on the Road in South Carolina Might Have Defective Airbags

By The Stanley Law Group |

Car airbags make cars a lot safer; over the years, new developments in airbag design and placement have contributed to the progressive decline in the rate of fatalities and serious injuries in car accidents. Perhaps only seatbelts and laws against drunk driving have done more to prevent catastrophic car accidents. Of course, if airbags… Read More »

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