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Monthly Archives: May 2020


Freeway Pileup: How To Determine Fault

By The Stanley Law Group |

In 2018, there were over 17,000 multiple-vehicle accidents that led to fatalities. While all car accidents can be severe, those involving multiple car pile-ups tend to cause more catastrophic injuries and death. There is a challenge in determining fault in these large multiple car accidents as the fault can be easily placed on more… Read More »

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Accidents Between Motorcyclists and Pedestrians

By The Stanley Law Group |

While the old phrase “the pedestrian has the right of way” is familiar, it is not always the case for legal purposes. All pedestrians and motorcycle riders have a duty and responsibility to behave responsibly on and near the roadways. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that collisions between pedestrians and motorcycle… Read More »

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Bus Accidents in South Carolina

By The Stanley Law Group |

The state of South Carolina sees many different types of buses on the roadways including school buses, tour buses, church buses, business vans, airport shuttles, interstate buses such as Greyhound buses, and public transportation buses. Accidents involving buses often result in serious injuries to both riders on the bus as well as other motorists… Read More »

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Serious Vaping Injuries

By The Stanley Law Group |

Vaping continues to grow in popularity and a recent study reports that 11 million Americans are now using these e-cigarettes. At the time of this article, only Alaska had not officially reported an injury related to vaping. Injuries can happen either through explosions or through the development of lung injuries. With over 1,000 lung-related… Read More »

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The Dangers of Allowing an Insurance Company to Track your Driving Habits

By The Stanley Law Group |

Insurance companies have recently promoted certain programs that allow those drivers with safe driving records to receive discounts on car insurance. Insurance companies offer their customers the ability to download specific apps on their cell phones that can use GPS to track certain statistics such as speed or if a driver has been involved… Read More »

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Dementia and Nursing Home Abuse

By The Stanley Law Group |

One of the hardest decisions a person has to make is whether or not to put their elderly loved one in a nursing home. However, if a senior member of your family is diagnosed with dementia, they may need help throughout the day with tasks that they now find difficult. When you place your… Read More »

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